Thursday, 23 January 2014

The one that got away

Last year I was offered the chance of a contract with Horny Devil Publishing house in Florida. However, after researching their site I found it distasteful -- too say the least -- as apparently anything (!) short of rape/bestiality or child porn is allowed and the more violent the better.

A comment from a satisfied reader :-
Takes a while but the second half is good April 11, 2013
By Sarah Daltry
Format: Kindle Edition
It takes a while to get going which is fine but in a short story, I like more sex and less plot. The sex scenes are good especially as they're on their walk.

Excerpt from Sexual Explosions 1:-

He was so engrossed in his thoughts he didn’t notice the young lady down the aisle get up and join him, until she said “Hello, Mr. Pearson, can I join you, please?”
“Oh, s s s sorry,” he stammered, still trying to work out what had been happening and why, “certainly not. You have the advantage as you know my name.”
“Mr. Pearson...,” she started.
 Alex stopped her in mid-sentence and replied, “Unless this is pure cold business, please call me Alex.”
“Thank you, Alex, my name is Joanne Pettison and I am huge fan of yours.”
“Yes, I did see you reading my new book, did you find it exciting?”
“The book is enthralling; I am amazed at how you can envisage such worlds.”
Alex took a minute to think of his answer and said, “They are a mix of places I visited and a large portion are only in my imagination. Sometimes I take a true mystery and add my own touch; at other times I take an off-beat view of things going on around me and put them in a story.”
Joanne slipped her shoes off and gently rubbed Alex’s thigh with her bare foot, her toes teasing his cock which was already semi-hard after thinking of Jan and the surprise he had for her. She noticed he liked the attention and enjoyed the subtle caresses; he appeared to be getting horny as he bit his lip and winked at her. Joanne licked her lips when he took a sneaky glance at her breasts through the gaps in her shirt between the buttons, so she eased a couple open to give him a look at her thin blue bra which was losing the battle to contain their ampleness.
Joanne’s nipples had become hard and Alex could see them pushing on the material which strained under her heavy breathing when she rubbed his cock. “I know I’m turning you on; your manhood is straining to get loose but you won’t make a play for me, why?”
Alex said, “Joanne, I’m honoured such an attractive and sexy young lady as you wants to make love to me but I have a lady waiting for me.”
Joanne licked her lips and said, “She must be special, Alex, most men would at least try to get a feel of my pussy by now. If you don’t want a quickie in the toilet, can I show you something, please?”
Alex replied, "What did you wish to show me?”

Joanne winked at him and said, “Come over here and see for yourself, Mr. Pearson,” she giggled a schoolgirl giggle and moved across to let Alex sit by her. He sat down next to the ginger-haired girl; she took his hand and placed it on her wet panties saying, “This is my gift to you for you and being a gentle, gentleman. Joanne lifted her skirt over her knees so Alex could not miss the damp patches showing on her panties or miss seeing her lips part as she rubbed herself as she came, the cum juices flowing over her mound and through her panties. “I hope your lady loves you as much as you obviously love her,” saying that Joanne came in her hand and rubbed the juices on her skirt before landing a kiss on Alex’s mouth and patting his hard cock for one last time. 
To find out more, you can buy the book from Amazon  

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