Thursday, 30 January 2014

Kochak and Johnson

  The night was cold and frosty, and the freezing Chicago rain had kept most people inside but for some, even the freezing rain was no hindrance. One such person was Carl Kolchak -- reporter for INS -- he had just got back to the offices, when the phone in the editor's office rang. His boss, Tony Vincenso, picked it up and sat talking. Tony put the phone reciever down and hung his head in his hands as he ran his fingers through his hair, then giving in to reality he called out, "Carl, there's somebody on the phone for you."

 Astute as ever Kochak replied, "Who? Tony."
Vincenso lifted his bulky figure off the chair and using his coffee stained desk as a prop he answered, "How the heck should I know? All the guy said was he runs a paranormal research facility and wanted to talk to you. Are you going to answer the call?"

Kolchak came out from behind the desk he used and walked into the office, picking the receiver up he said, "Carl Kolchak, can I help you?"
The thin voice from the other end replied, "Mr. Kolchak, you don't know me but I know of your work, my name is P A Canella and I'm a university professor in England. I might have something of interest for your paper."

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