Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Jimmy Hoffa

 I may be missing something in the story, so, please forgive me.
 Jimmy Hoffa's disappearance ranks as one of the all time US mysteries.

On July 30th, 1975, the 62 year teamsters union leader vanished and was never seen again. I can go along with the theory he was killed as the teamsters were a huge force and trucks are the lifeblood of the US. However, at this point I diverge from popular beliefs.

Theory A -- the most popular belief -- has him buried somewhere in the Nevada desert. I might accept that apart from why take him all the way from Michigan to Nevada?

 Theory B -- more myth than reality - has him buried in the end zone at Giants Stadium. This I find hard to believe as the stadium is too public and digging up the end zone would attract attention, and again why take him to New York from Michigan.

My theory is he was killed in Illinois and his body dumped in one of the nearby lakes. To fish, the body was a meal and would have been eaten quickly, without a body to hold the gasses, it wouldn't have bloated and surfaced and the bones would have sank without trace.

Dumping the body in Nevada would have meant the union had no leader, which indicates either a take over from inside his union or a rival but why go to Nevada to hide the body?

Why Nevada? Why not Colorado, Utah, Kansas, Nebraska or Wyoming? All of them are closer to Michigan than Nevada and desert country.

Why Giants Stadium? A public burial would mean a show of force and tell others that you mean business but the body -- if was buried there -- was hidden. If you wanted to show your power, you wouldn't hide a body, you would put it out there for all to see and show the competition nobody is too powerful to be taken down.

One reason for his murder could have been that after his prison sentence and trying to regain power, he became unpopular -- especially after taking pension funds -- and someone in the teamsters union either hired a hit man or killed him.
Even as recent as last year, there have been men claiming the hit on Hoffa but no body has turned up.

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