Monday, 27 January 2014

Author missing!

This was the title to a short story I wrote about 15 months ago. The story centred on an author who took his family on vacation and went mad and killed them. I had an idea to try and enlarge on this idea but never got to it.

The story idea originated from a semi-comedic article for an on line magazine I was writing for at the time. The article caused a stir, one person thought I was referring to him, if he had read the story it was clearly aimed at me, and another person took it so seriously he wished I wouldn't leave. 

The third variation on a theme is the real possibility that at the end of next month I may go off line, apart from one or two special friends I am getting more and more disgruntled with the internet and the time I am spending writing "A Sailor's Love" far out weighs any sales value it might (!) gain.

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