Thursday, 9 January 2014

an erotica writer or a writer of erotica?

 Before I begin, I must tell you I have nothing against people who write or read erotica -- although I do have personal limits too what I find arousing -- I wrote a couple of erotic love stories, so I can't say I am against the genre.

 My stories contain some erotica as part of erotic romance and I see this as a true showing of the love between the two people, but at all times the man shows respect and care for the lady -- an old fashioned concept these days -- but this is how I feel love should be. 

 To define the differences in my view:-
 The difference lies in the emphasis of the title, to me an erotica writer writes mainly erotica and that is not (!) me. While a writer of erotica writes erotica as a part of their larger scope of writing  this is (!) me.

 I prefer to define myself as a writer -- no genre -- but if you need to categorise my stories then I am best described as a ghost or Gothic horror story writer.

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