Saturday, 11 January 2014

A new extract form my WIP

Picking herself up from the floor, Angie commented, “Judging by the violence we witnessed then, and the front pressure build up, I wouldn’t say more than two hours or three at the utmost. If you planned on doing something, it’s now or never, Helmut. You get your things ready and I’ll get back to ‘The Pot’ and call the guys to help us. God help us for what is coming our way”
Helmut crossed himself and said, “Amen to that, Angie -- if he can’t -- nobody can.”
The raging storm outside slammed wood from the beach against the small hut and made the glass in the windows rattle to the extent small cracks and fissures began to show. In the violence of the winds and rain Jannine’s voice was all but lost as she yelled, “I don’t know what you meant about spirits, but this is no ordinary storm look at the sea!”
Helmut and Angie looked out and saw what Jannine was talking about, the waves had risen to the size of a four storey house and were taking the shapes of various demonic forms, “You’d better get a move on, I’ll call the men from the village, Helmut, we’ll meet you at the path to the cave – be careful – he knows we’re coming,” Angie called against the howling wind.
Helmut nodded and tried to open the door for Angie to get out, with help from Jannine he was able to get it ajar far enough for Angie to squeeze through before it slammed back, almost taking his fingers with it.  The lovers took a minute to sit down and have a cuddle, Jannine ran her fingers through his matted hair and cried on his shoulder, “You can’t go out there in all this, you’ll die and I can’t bear to lose you, Helmut.”
He held her young body close and felt her firm breasts pushing against the thin material of her shirt as he ran a hand across her nipple, “I have little choice in the matter, if I don’t go, in about an hour there won’t be a lot left of the area from here to ‘The Pot,’ I can think of many better things to do, love, but this has to be done and soon.”
With a final loving touch, Jannine ran her hands across his thighs and said, “Okay, I don’t like it and wish you didn’t have to do it, but there is more at stake than my love for you. All I ask is that you take care and remember you have a damaged shoulder.”
He felt a twinge of guilt – or was it his shoulder reminding him? – as he rubbed his shoulder and said, “I know the shoulder is damaged and I realise the limitations this imposes on my mobility, but the task ahead needs to be done.”
Walking to the door, Helmut gave the door a hefty push to start it opening before Jannine came to help him. The wind against the door was so strong it took both of them pushing for minutes to get the door slightly open, he looked up the path and saw a tiny figure head down against the storm, “Keep going, Angie, we need you and your sisters more than ever now,” he muttered into the storm.
He took the first steps against the wind and was thrown back against the hut so hard it took him a few minutes to get his breath back, but unbowed he started again with the rain lashing into his face – and visibility down to inches – he strove forward, not sure if he would be able to complete the task, but certain he would die trying.
He walked head bowed up to the cut off for the path and hid behind the hedge to remain in cover as the storm lashed the area, “I hope you got the men, Angie,” he whispered, “I can’t do the job without them.”
Back at ‘The Pot,’  Angie pushed her way across the open space used for the car park and made for the doors, as she tried to open the doors a gust of wind pushed her so hard she fell against the side of the inn and lay winded for several minutes. Picking herself off the floor, she yelled, “If that’s all ya got, then ya ain’t got much!”
She knew it was bravado, the storm was starting and much worse was to come, but for now she needed a personal booster and calling names was a good start. With great effort she got the doors open and went inside, the winds had broken the windows and tables and glasses were strewn across the floor, “Blimey, this’ll take some clearing,” she thought, time was running out and things needed to be done quickly, so she dashed to the phone and dialled Toby.
Toby’s phone rang for a minute or two before a familiar voice answered, “Toby here, how can I help?”
He didn’t need to ask what was wrong, the anguish in Angie’s voice told him more than words could, when she replied, “Toby, this is Angie, get the men together and meet me at the path. We’ll start as soon as you arrive!”

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