Monday, 27 January 2014

300 short stories

That is no exaggeration as many of them appeared in collections and many more have not yet and probably will not emerge in public. Out of over 300 stories, only two got trashed and one re-emerged as "Zombiewatch."

 My original was called Escalaphobia and was set in a museum, unfortunately it didn't get passed page 1 before I scrapped it out of boredom.

 Some time later, I resurrected the idea as a two part project. Part 1 succeeded as not only did I finish the story but I enjoyed writing it. Part 2 is out of my hands, as I was trying to prove to myself any story about zombies had a chance of selling.

 The other story was about a writer who had to leave his home and family, he became so popular he couldn't go out without being mobbed. This only lasted a page or two as it was so depressing to write.

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