Friday, 13 December 2013

The best of the year

I realise this might be pre-emptive, but the year is almost over and I don't foresee much change ahead.

The best month was September with seven sales-mostly Holding Richmond.
The best quarter was June to September with the majority of sales being for Holding Richmond again.
The personal highs for me were working with Julia, my editor, getting paid by for articles and receiving a cheque from Amazon.

Two stories from this year stood out-Forgestriker, the second in the Sons of Baal sci-fi series and Glacier of Death, the following story to my second best seller, Nerja, both sold two copies. I realise this isn't a lot to many writers, but to me it is huge.

Hopes for the early months of next year:-
In February the contest in Toronto is judged and it would be nice to get a top six place and entry in the Merrill Collection for my story "Silence of the mind."
I hope to finish the extended version of "The Love of the Sea," I shall probably add a new B&W cover to the story to add to the spooky feel of the romantic ghost story.

On a comical note, I won a caption contest earlier in the year with this comment "Fur ball, my paw, that tasted like a frog," the comment came from watching our cats reaction to catching frogs.

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