Wednesday, 25 December 2013

John Andrew

In the story "The Lost Ship" I tell a fictional version of the story of the very real Yorkshire pirate John Andrew who was the scourge of the coast from Scarborough to Saltburn-on-the-Sea; where he ran the Ship Inn (shown below).

The story is the the story which should have come third in a writing contest, but got hacked twice by a jealous person I used to know however in the end her goal was achieved and it has taken over a year to get my work recognised again, mainly with the help of Julia, my editor in Seattle.

 What I wrote is fiction based on fact, but read about the true haunting in . With poetic licence, the Ship Inn became the "Lobster Pot" mentioned in "Love of the Sea," which is to extended and brought out as "A Sailor's Love."
 Also in this book is the story of "The Rocking Lantern" a ghostly captain warns sailors from the grave -- read about the story of the "Caroline Gray."  

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