Friday, 27 December 2013

From Jazz to Agatha Christie

At first there would appear to be few ways to connect a 2008 jazz tune to the well known writer, but as the post goes on the weird links will form in your mind as they did in mine.

The story started when I was listening to the tune Nerja played by Dave Roach on Landscape TV. The video with the music was of a light plane flying over Manchester; I thought what a great idea for a story if the plane vanished in front of all those witnesses but nobody knew what happened.

I started the story and before long -- as with many stories -- the plot skipped and the story came out as something very different to my intention, the venue had changed to the Canadian ice fields and taken on a new Native American spiritual theme. The book is my second best selling book on Amazon.

After putting the book on Amazon, I found that Nerja is a section of Spain which was fought over in the Peninsular War
 Further research revealed the man under the Duke of Wellington was one William Beresford.
The name Beresford gave me the link to Agatha Christie, my friend Sarah Meek and I have a long running in-joke between us where we refer to each other as Tommy & Tuppence and as any Christie fan will tell you, the Beresford brother and sister team featured in few of her stories; but remain my favourites.

And as the chain becomes complete -- Nerja was one of Mrs. Christie's favourite spots for holidays abroad -- from modern Jazz to Agatha Christie via the Peninsular War, who would have though of it.

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