Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Four years in a life time

Four years and what seems to me to be a life time ago, I said farewell to one of the loveliest people I ever knew.

When I left Alberta, little did I know that my Faye would soon depart to join the angels; that Christmas was one of the hardest for me and try as I might, and believe me-I wanted to so badly-I couldn't drown my pain of loss in whiskey. 
I bought two bottles and yet something or perhaps somebody stopped me and I ended up pouring them down the sink. 

From that day to this, the most alcohol I have drank is one or two glasses of spirit, for no other reason than that is all I am able to drink. Today I would really love to have a few glasses of my favourite Alberta whiskey. 

Feeling depressed sucks and it's worse at this time of year, when you're supposed to be full of Christmas spirit.

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