Wednesday, 18 December 2013



I have had some wild ideas in the past three years as a writer, from attempting the various genres and mixing and matching to get a sale to trying to make a few dollars by selling my services as either a blogger and book promoter or as a writer of blurbs .

I sold my soul to the dollar and against better beliefs wrote erotica and later I tried my hand at the other soul destroying genre-the ever selling zombies with as much luck as before-none.

But, by a long chalk the strangest idea was to think of writing to Joss Whedon, with the hope of writing a book featuring the cast of his show "Firefly."

 I loved the series and would have been delighted to write a book, but the thought of approaching a known and admired writer for such a plan was not a remote possibility for an unknown like me-in my mind.

 Another aspect crossed my mind, I have long been opposed to fanfiction as writing-the idea of using somebody's characters and settings was not acceptable to me-yet, I have some in my library as I have some books about Star Trek written by various writers.
 I realise some may have gone ahead without asking Mr. Whedon, but that wouldn't have been my way, they are his creation and in my view I would need his permission to go ahead.

The chance of being turned down never (!) entered my mind-don't get the wrong idea-I would expect to be turned down by such a well respected writer.

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