Tuesday, 31 December 2013


 A question often asked, but few people give serious thought to is "If the doctor knew you were dying, would you want to know the approximate date?"

My reply has always been and will always be -- Yes -- I don't want family and friends to be shocked to find me dead, it's far better they are prepared in my opinion.

And to this end I know the approximate year of my death -- 2020, how ironic the date is usually accepted as perfect vision and I have a perfect vision of my demise -- to answer your question, how can I be so sure?

Researching my conditions and the various treatments available, I found out that the heart operation I need has a 75% success rate and the longevity of the patient is seven years from the operation, from there it was Maths 101. It is 2013 and add 7 to this year and you get 2020.

 There is a slight chance I can push the odds a little, but 7 years is the best chance.

 While I have been no saint, I want people to remember me as being kind and helpful whenever I could be.

 There are a few things I would like to see happen before I meet the angels:-
 Another book to be awarded the seal of excellence.
 A ten sales month for my e-books.
 A book to pass Holding Richmond as my best seller.
 I would have liked to have seen a book of mine on a shop shelf, that might happen but it's doubtful.

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