Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Still suffering

 Gone are the days when if I lost a day or two I would frantically pressure myself to get the work done to catch up. My best friend pointed out to me that it is better to pick up the slack slow and steady than to have a mad dash and risk burning out in the rush. 

 She is right and let's be honest; nobody really cares how long my work takes to complete as nobody buys my stories, so why should I be pressured to get the days back quickly? 

 Today has been another lost day :( It is 3:30 and I should have been working but owing to a stage 2 migraine, I am only starting now. 

 Stage 1- Bad headache over the right eye
 Stage 2-The ache continues down to the jaw from the eye socket.
 Stage 3-The pain is like having your head in a G clamp with the clamp being tightened, the pain goes from the top of my head down the right side of my face and into my shoulder. I have to rest in a dark room as my eyes are like Star Trek when Enterprise goes into warp and you see the stars flashing by at high speed. 

 Most of the pains started when I had a cricket accident and was hit by a ball on the nose but the real problem started when I was in the RAF in Scotland. One day I rode out to the line hut and got hit by bounced light of the runway, I was so bad I almost fell off.

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