Monday, 26 August 2013

Purging the files

Over the next months, I shall be off line-I shall be here but not as active-and one of things I plan to do is to clear out all the old stories which have amassed over the last two years. 

 I have started the cleansing process already by getting rid of a lot of files for my Sc-Fi stories as it is plain nobody is interested in the stories but me. 

 One which will remain however is Sons of Baal, at least for another two months, in October I am entering it in a major contest in Toronto.  

 I have no real chance of winning but if Danny Kemp can get a film contract-what the hell, go for it I say, all I have to lose is $5 Canadian.

  I am taking this time out to evaluate the progress and the value of the work I do. I have been told many times and by various people that I am a good storyteller and have a growing US fan base-yet to be proved. 

 One of the main things to be evaluated is that after the abysmal lack of interest shown for the time and effort Julia put in Chronicles book 2, is there any point in book 3 going ahead?

 The bottom line reads:-this is not (!) about sales, this is about how I am valued and is there a point to spending days or weeks in preparing a story? When all it will end up as is a FREE read.

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