Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Have blog will travel :)

 I have a curious and investigative mind which can come turn up interesting facts in my researches on line; it can also provide some funny moments, one of my interests is to find out what sites hit on my blogs. 

  Many months ago, I came across a blog run by a coloured lady who wrote books about inter-racial love in the Deep South, how she came to my blog still remains a puzzle as none of my stories come close to that theme. 

 Today, I find I have had hits from Muslim based blogs, one was in Syria and the other looked like Jordan, I have no objection to them reading the blog; I am intrigued as to what the connection is though.

 And a note of comedic irony-I used to write erotic and "Love of the Sea" is a highly charged love story- I got a few hits of gay sites LMAO

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