Thursday, 29 August 2013

A growing tale

About five or six months ago, I sent a short story to a friend for her blog. 

After a few weeks, she told me that my story had been read more than any other on her page, at this time I decided to try and expand the 1,500 word story into a larger version. 

I never imagined the lengths I would be able to get, my short 1,500 word short story, which I expected to stretch to 3,500 words if I did well; is now at 27,000 words and going strong. 

 This proves not only how good I am at writing stories, but how much room for character development I had in the story of a young girl and a sailor lost on foreign shores.

 If this erotic and romantic ghost story does go on sale, it might have another cover as I am trying to locate a photo I took many years ago at Staithes, Teeside, which I think would do well as the cover.

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