Thursday, 25 July 2013

The Stranger and the Indie part 4

The Stranger and the Indie part 4

He hid in the shadow of his car, the lights crossing the area, there were time he thought he could hear the footsteps of the guards; these were not ordinary seekers, these men were trained especially for night-fighting and now he was in their element but he had the instinct of a panther and stayed close to the car as they approached. They knew he was close but even a trained killer needs to sight his prey to feel the urge of the hunt and as yet they were hunting for him not chasing him.

He stayed silent, calmness would be his ally; if he ran, he would be dead meat in seconds, yet he needed to escape; the writing had to be shared and for that he needed his hidden terminal at his workshop but he had to get there first and now he was trapped on the wrong side of town with two trained feral guards sniffing him out, sooner or later he needed to make a plan and try to escape.

Feral guards are not only cat like but have the hearing of bats, meaning the slightest sound triggers there senses; staying calm he shielded the laptop from the high energy pulse beams of the search lights and hoped the beams would not set the alarm signal off, telling the user he only had seconds before a system closure; tiny as the beep is, to a feral it would be as loud as a semi-truck's horn.

"I can't take them both out," he thought,"but if I can get one before the signal goes off, I may have a chance to take the second one."

The guards remained alert but with such a large area to view and no idea where he was, he had a slight advantage and he had to use this as his escape opportunity, he slowly pulled out his Guntherblade knife, the serrated edges of this cruel weapon had been refined during the resistance fighting to the extent one slight touch was all that the assailant needed to tear the flesh of his/her victim.

He laid the laptop under the car for an extra bit of protection and began too creep through the shadowy area between the car and the wall opposite like a panther through a forest, not making any sound or breaking the shadows created by the cover, he inched towards his intended victim, he waited for his moment; timing was vital, if the guard spotted him he could send a warning in a second, the kill had to be done quickly and silent.

The man lay in the shadow of the wall for only a few seconds, yet it seemed like hours, always fearing the alarm may sound and the guards attention become centred on his area. At the moment he had in mind, the guard turned to his right to back across the path and the man leapt at him, the savage blade tearing through skin and bone in a blink of an eye; the guard fell to the ground in a heap.

As much as he enjoyed the thrill of the kill, he had a new problem, the silence space created by the lack of thought message from this guard would alert the other one in a short time and the chase would be on.

The man melted back into the shadows to plan his next move, only to find that things were no longer in his control as the power module failed on the laptop and the signal bleeped; only for a few seconds but that is all a feral needed.

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