Wednesday, 17 July 2013

The mysterious letter

Algie swirled the glass to get heat the whiskey and as he inhaled the vapours given off he mused, “I am grateful for your concerns, Bertie, you always had my interests at heart, but I feel I need to take the risk. I realise Charlie is a hothead and at times his ideas appear foolish but I’m yet to gain any reputation and I’m questioning my decision to be a writer.”
Bertie stopped watching the pond and said, “You may not realise it, Algie, but your stories are gaining a good deal of attention in the club and we would miss the excitement of your adventurous mind, if the experiment failed and you became a laughing stock and got forced to stop your writing.”
“Don’t worry, Bertie, even if the worse came to the worse, the way I see things I have little or nothing to lose. Your friends may be reading my stories but I am still not accepted or paid and I hope against hope this will make my name in writing circles.”
The friends sat at their table looking out over the fields and viewing the array of wild life in front of them, bird sound filled the air and the scent of Honeysuckle wafted on the breeze as they enjoyed the last of the whiskey.
Their silent thought was disturbed by a knock on the door, “Who can that be?” Bertie asked as she got up and walked across, his footsteps hardly making a sound on the plush carpeting as he got to the door; when he opened the door he was greeted by the concierge with a message addressed to Algie, “It’s a message for you,” Bertie said as he tipped the concierge and walked back to the table.

Algie took the letter from Bertie and said, “Who knows I am here and what is so important the message can’t wait?”

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