Monday, 22 July 2013

Nemo has re-joined Skye

At approximately 08:40 (UK time), Nemo crossed the Rainbow Bridge; a gent to the last, his final minutes he spent climbing the stairs to say his goodbyes to the family, before coming back to my room and snuggling down under my bed

  He would wish to be remembered as the suave cat in the picture, full of life and fun who loved everybody and all animals and not as the poor cat who I shall bury later.

 He had great times and troubles trying to keep Midnight in his place, but Midnight being full of himself was a handful even for the great Nemo. 

 There are many families and girlfriends in the area who will wonder about his disappearance this weekend, he came home to die with the people he loved most and who love him more than anybody. 

 He is not in pain now and happily running free with his mother, Skye, who knows, they may even catch those pigeons. 

 R.I.P. Nemo- loved and adored, dear feline friend.
 We will always remember the joy you gave us :(


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