Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Ghosts don't dance part 3

Clive glanced at James and said, “What is the problem, old man, you appear vexed by something?”
            James wandered over to Clive and a look of anguish fell across his face; when he as close enough to talk but out of earshot of the ladies, he replied, “We have something to tell the group and I don’t know what to say or how to say it.”
            Clive took him aside and commented, “I always find the best way to handle delicate matters is to come right out with, that way people can understand where you stand on the matter.”
            James patted his friend on the shoulder and replied, “Forever the diplomat, it’s easy to understand why you went into politics, Clive.”
            Clive laughed and replied, “Either this or the cavalry and you have seen my riding expertise.”
            James glanced over Clive’s shoulder at the dance floor and replied, “Yes, that was something of a farce.”
            Intrigued by the way his friend remained watching the dancers, Clive turned to view the scene, “Are you waiting for somebody to arrive? You appear to be observing the group closely, old man.”
            James turned and as he did, Clive saw the tear form in the corner of his eye, “What’s wrong?” Clive asked gingerly.

            “I was setting the scene in my mind and noting how pretty the ladies are tonight and how regal the men are in our uniforms; for the time ahead and the chance we may not be together again as a group,” James replied.

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