Wednesday, 24 July 2013

From dreams do nightmares form

 I can write damn good stories but I am no magician and that is what it will take to beat the C@@P of zombie books which sell by the thousand.

 In my school days, I had the driving urge to write stories it as this drive which kept my hopes alive, and while I never imagined I would be popular or make a lot from writing - I did hope to make a little every month.

 I sit broken before you, driven onto the thrones of zombies and cheap sex stories, whereby writing means little and characterisations are not needed. The way to sell a book is simple; stick a half-naked zombie on the cover and fill the pages with mindless sex and zombies eating people. 

 This journey started 50 years ago as a dream and when I became disabled two years ago, I tried to turn the dream into a reality. Over the last two years Chronicles of Mark Johnson which was in the beginning my hopes for a good series, has turned from a dream of an idea into a nightmare to sell and ended up as a millstone around my neck and sad to say, as much as I loved the stories and writing them nobody else liked the world I created and so with sad heart, I end the stories.

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