Friday, 12 July 2013

Forgestriker adrift

Forgestriker adrift

On the desk in Hendricks’ office he had laid out a formal report of the mission to Gameroon and why it had failed so badly in its aims; the report read. 

The mission was doomed from the start, we were sent to the planet of Gameroon in the Explorator vessel Forgestriker; she may be fast and well suited for the task of exploring but we encountered alien attacks as soon as we came out of time dilation and we found ourselves not only out matched in armaments but the vessels which attacked us were far superior in tactical operations which lead to Forgestriker suffering damage which left the air tight bulkheads struggling to contain our atmosphere and forcing us down to the ground, whereupon we landed in the middle of a battle between two psychic warlords. One harnessed the powers of a nearby volcano and used the energy to shoot fireballs and the other created a firebird which burned the air as it passed overhead, where the bird touched burned to cinders, this once proud and noble planet had become a battleground for the warriors of the mind and any people on the planet are forced to leave their homes and head for the battle ravaged cities on the far side of the planet. The cities we surveyed showed the population living on the fringes of a poisoned desert and fighting for anything able. If we are to reclaim the planet, I would suggest a task force made up from any remaining members of this crew because we gained vital planet experience and built a small resistance to the toxins in the atmosphere.

On landing the troops came under fire from the Orgman Armed Guard and had to fight a rearguard action from the beginning, this was not a noble retreat; this was an out and out massacre. Many good men died on Gameroon and many more will die before this report is seen, one sergeant-master gave his right arm to save what remained of his troops and if he lives I will ask him why he didn’t release his grip on the alien rather than lose his arm?
Forgestriker made her quiet way through space, the only sound being the gentle throbbing of her ailing engines running on minimum energy, even though this greatly extended her time in space and lessened the chances of the men being saved, then all went quiet as her engines failed her and she became adrift in dead space – alone and far from home – her only hope being if she was found by a vessel on another mission which is a hope, but not one with a high chance of success considering her location is beyond known space and her mission did not officially exist.

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