Monday, 22 July 2013

Do I feel guilty?

  I have been asked a few times, "If you thought your was bad, would you like to know?" I have always said, "Yes," and yet I failed to notify one person that I felt his work is rubbish but that is my opinion. 
 He asked me to edit 80 pages of writing which had come back from "editing" at Xlibris - enough said - I failed to get to page 2. I had so much editing to do, I almost re-wrote the story from scratch. 
A 25 line paragraph with NO punctuation, wrong and inconsistent capitalisations, no speech mark to denote speech from narration, he didn't change lines for a change of speaker.
I got half-way through the page and already felt a migraine coming on, so I declined the editing. He recently told me he signed with Shared Pen, this is their front page  you don't need to go further than page 1, line 1 to get the idea that these people have no idea of basic spelling, so how can they claim to be editors? 
Why didn't I tell him? I suppose as he was a friend, I didn't want to crush his dream - even if he has a BA - and anyway who am I to judge? My work doesn't sell either. 
 His book:-

The anser to my question is No.
The reason is he got a contract, even though his writing in rubbishy.

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