Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Algie's news

Bertie said excitedly, “You won’t find out until you open the letter, so please put us out of our misery and find out who sent you the letter and why.”
Algie walked over to the book case and picked up the silver opener which was laid on the side, “Here we go, Bertie,” he said as he slipped the opener in the envelope and slit the top, inside was a letter written on good quality paper, the letter read:-
“Dear Algie,
 I went to your lodgings and found you were out, as I know you and Bertie are close friends I took the liberty of contacting you at his hotel as your landlady saw the two of you together. I am writing to inform you that I need to delay our meeting at the club until Tuesday of next week as I need to go to meetings in the city about the forthcoming expedition.
Charles Palmerston.”
After reading the short letter, Algie said, “The letter is from Charlie, he had to cancel the meeting as he needs to meet some people about the expedition he is going on, he asked me to go over to the club next Tuesday; which is fine by me, as I need to sort my own business out and this meeting would mean changing my plans for the next day or two; which may cause big problems for me.”
Bertie sat at the table sipping the last of his morning tipple and asked his friend, “What plans are you making, Algie? We talk almost every day and yet this is startling news to me.”

Algie put the opener down on the desk and walked over to the table by the window, “I don’t want to say too much, in case this falls through but something is in the wind.”

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