Friday, 28 June 2013

The poisoned well

No, this is not the title of my next ghost or horror story for a free read. It is more like how I feel about things in general.

When we appealed for help for Bandit, nobody stepped up to help us, yet when you consider how many contacts you have on line and then add their contacts, all  it would have taken is a few  nickels and dimes  each and Vanessa would not have had the worry of the last few days.

I did say earlier that this weekend I planned a respite to consider what to do, if he had died. He lived, no thanks to anybody on here. 

  You are happy to have me spend hours writing your stories every week, nobody buys my books and when I asked for a tiny bit of compassion, despite the vast amount of writers that I know who have contracts and deals - it is hard not to hear you mouth off - NOBODY was there for Vanessa and Bandit, when they needed your help. 

  I repeat my earlier words without the shame my fellow scribes heaped on me - I AM ASHAMED TO BE CLASSED AS A WRITER - therefore, with the knowledge that my stories won't be bought and I have nothing to lose; I end on the high note that today's episode of "The Love of the Sea" was the best read and say goodbye.

  If you want more from me, you will have to contact me; 
                      I lay my pen down never to take it up.

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