Saturday, 29 June 2013

Out alone on the glacier

This is one of a number of ideas I have toyed with  since writing Nerja last year  , one of the ideas was for a story about an escaped killer and the manhunt to catch him as the weather closes in and the lead patrolman's career comes to an end. The idea of time and the weather closing in on them, gave the story an extra edginess which is something my stories are known for.

 This is a quick excerpt as I haven't got to writing the story with everything else going on in my writing world; even if nothing sells I have friends who like to read my stories.

The winds whipped the snow against the windows of the small aeroplane, and the two men in the Piper Cherokee looked out at the glacier below them.

"Did you get a radio fix on them before the signal went off the air, Clem?"  Joe Billings asked radio operator Clem Josephs.
  "No, Sir, they had only power to send the one message then the radio died out, do you think we can track them?" Clem replied, "do you think we'll find them?"
 "Clem, to be honest; in this weather I think it may be better if we don't, the swirling winds would make any chance of a rescue remote and even if we did they would be so close to death I doubt if we had the time or facilities to bring them back to life."

 Clem took a glance out of the cockpit as the plane came in for another circle, looking at the glaciers below he said, "I guess you're right, but I'm not giving up yet;  we have an hour's fuel before we need to turn back to camp and until that time arrives, we are keeping a watch for any signs of them."

  Joe patted his friend's shoulder and said, "If anybody can find them it's you, Clem, I don't a better pilot in the area."

 The plane circled the area in which the crew believed the message had come from but still there was no signs of life, "The light is going,  we won't have more than a few minutes before our search is over, Clem," Joe said, what he didn't say, he didn't need to say as Clem knew if they didn't find the wreckage tonight, the chance of rescue went drastically down tomorrow. 

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