Thursday, 27 June 2013


As I have been absent for a while, here are a few news notices:-

 The proposed crossover to bring both Pat Canella & Chronicles to an end will NOT take place - despite no sales - I intend to write the stories for the few fans they have; there could well be a crossover, but not as an end to the two series.

 I decided that as Amazon is of no use to me, other than a slight booster IF I get a sale, most of my future work will be available from me.

 I am in the process of re-writing the series which haunted me from November of last year and gave me bad dreams, so you know it has to be creepy if the series gives the writer the creepies.

 Chronicles book 2 is out   and next week I hope to send it to the US for an official review. Book 1   is with a publishers at the moment.

Holding Richmond  is still the only book selling and is ONE sale from its target of 20.

 I plan to do follow ups to HR, Did we see him? and a few more if sales happen; also I will be doing some stand alone ghost stories soon.

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