Monday, 13 May 2013

The mystery at the Morpeth Arms

More tales from the Morpeth Arms Hotel with Algie & Bertie

A teasing start to the new story :)

Bertie was sitting in his regular spot on the porch of the Morpeth Arms Hotel, partaking of his "medicinal tipple" as he called it these days. The sun was lazily glinting on the waters of the pond and the Moorhens and Coots were displaying their finery, "What a lovely morning," he thought, "I think I will take a walk around the park before lunch." He rose from his seat and took a quick glance around him, making certain nobody could see him; he took a nip of whiskey before setting off on his afternoon stroll.

Here at the "Morpeth", things rarely moved quicker than a snail, days lingered as the men told tales of exploits of their youth and the ladies were in "the snug," the area of the hotel which allowed them in, the men would retire to the smoking room and talk of things which they preferred ladies not to know about. While the ladies had to endure this for the sake of propriety, in reality they were happy to let their men have this time; they were not interested in talk of wars and cricket.

It was while Bertie was partaking of his nip that he thought he saw his friend Algie, "No, it can't be!" he thought as the man almost ran down the lane opposite the hotel, "Algie doesn't get up at this time," yet at first sight the resemblance was uncanny, could Algie have a double?

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