Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Rise of the Prospero

Continuing the story of the Prospero, after she leaves the shores of the UK

Simon Miggins stood on the deck of the Prospero as she left the cove at Saltburn-by-the-Sea, North Yorkshire, his eyes cast a final glance to the haunt of his former captain John Andrew and called to the crew, “Make sail for the open seas, this is the last time we’ll see Andrew or the Ship Inn.” The Prospero drew a lot of water in the shallows and more than once the crew wondered would their ship set sail - or would they be stranded here?

Slowly she turned to the wind and her sails flapped with North winds, the winds of the North are cold and harsh unlike the warmer winds of the South and the crew had to wrap up well as the biting cold tore through their tattered clothes, Where are we headed, Captain?” called Paul Marler as he dried himself off after the swim under the hull, which led to John Andrew being keel-hauled.

Miggins looked to the open sea and said with a wave of his arm, “Out there, Paul, where ever the winds take us. The sea is our home now, until we make land.”

Through the rolling mist laden seas she set off on a new journey with a new captain and a crew who didn’t fear his wrath, where she would turn up was left to the winds as the crew were still pirates at heart and couldn’t stop on land too long.

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