Sunday, 12 May 2013

Is there any point?

  To salvage or to scarp?

I have checked Patti over with Word and there are masses of edits to do. I wonder is it worth saving? Nobody bothered about the earlier stories. I have to ask myself this question as it will involve a lot of work for what? 

 Sales of the first books over the year amounted to less than one a month, the on line readership to which is was re-writing these stories amounts to less than half a dozen a day, considering all the networks they link to this is crap. It does show how little my work on Patti is valued :(  

I enjoyed the excitement of writing her stories and will have to tie the threads up as I re-write the series to end it over the next few weeks, nobody wants to read it and I will close the series; which in a way answers my previous post. No crossover.

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