Tuesday, 21 May 2013

A crossover ending

There isn't a lot to tell, the title said it all. I am planning on a crossover book for Patti and Mark; with a dramatic ending ending to two sets of stories I hoped would get your imagination; I was wrong, not for the first time but probably for the last time in my writing as I don't give a damn any more. 

 You proved nobody wanted the stories, so nobody will miss them after Chronicles book 3. I am going back over the last series of Pat Canella stories because accidentally I let myself have the chance of the crossover plot to Chronicles. 
I would say, to understand book 3 you had to read book 2, but hey!  You never got book 1, don't worry about it, after this nobody gives a hoot; not even me. All I will say is this I hope this will be a fitting finale' to two great characters I got to know and like. I hope to make this  book even more scary than the endings to both Chronicles book 2 and the end of the Pat Canella series, as Patti and MJ go hell-for-leather for a grand finale', watch out for chills galore.

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