Tuesday, 30 April 2013

How did I see the story.

 Many years ago when I was writing for the fun and enjoyment alone. I used to write westerns because I liked the feel of them and thrill of writing about the West. I never had any ideas of selling or even letting anybody read them, too shy and not sure they were any good.

 When I wrote my best seller "Holding Richmond" it never occurred to me, what I was writing was a western. I looked at it as an alternate history story with a vampiric background. The idea of the story was for  an alternate history line involving vampires; I chose the American Civil War because I knew a little of the history and characters involved through interest and war gaming in my twenties.

 There is a follow-up story in the pipeline, when it will be out I can't say any more than this year as there are a lot of projects happening with my writing, even if few sell a book.

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