Saturday, 20 April 2013

Helmut's pains

Helmut’s shoulders were sore and the movement in them was limited, he tried to pull the jumper over his head, but the cold weather and the aching limbs did not make it easy. He slowly stripped off his seaman’s jumper and Jannine was able to view for the first, how muscular his body had become after years on the docks and trawlers. She had seen the men on the docks, but they had become like family to her and meant nothing sexual. Here before her stood the man to take Ian’s place in her heart and soul, she thought she sensed his yearning as he pulled off the wet shirt which had clung provocatively to his frame, the muscles showing through the wet material. His matted blonde hair stuck to his face like a wet mat and had the smell of old smoke.
Jannine looked at him and smiling she said, “If you feel all right about us, you can take your trousers off too as they can do with a dry, before you get chills on your legs. I’ll go and try to turn the radiators on, so we can dry your clothes.” After trying all the radiators, Jannine returned to where he sat; then she sat beside the hulk of a man which she wanted to love and cuddled his hard muscled body.
She could hear the wind banging the broken door and see the puddles of water on the floor; the hut appeared to her to be too run down and too much work to repair, “Do you think you can repair the hut? The weather isn’t getting any better at this time of year,” she said looking out of the small and murky pane at the high seas below the hut.
Jannine looked at Helmut and said, “I hope you don’t mind, but as you are about Ian’s size I brought some of his old clothes down for you to change into.”
Helmut got up from his seat and walked to where she was sat on the bed, he sat beside her and gave her a cuddle as he said, “I don’t mind at all; my only clothes are what I am wearing and these are wet through. I need some dry clothes to change into, thank you for bringing Ian’s. I hope my wearing them won’t upset you.”
“No. I’m okay with you wearing them, I would rather you wear them than somebody I don’t know which may upset me. The clothes were in the attic anyway and would get mouldy if I hadn’t brought them. Now there is some heat to dry the trousers, I can give you a rub down to help get some circulation going, please turn to face me.”
Helmut turned to face Jannine, his aching legs hanging loose on the edge of the bed as her fingers rubbed his thighs to get some warmth back in them and to get blood flowing. Her fingers teased and kneaded his muscles, as she moved up his thighs she saw a twitch in his crotch, “Now, now. We can do make love later,” she said with a smile, “for now we need to get you warm and fed.”
Helmut blushed and said, “I’m sorry, it’s been a long time since I was this close to young lady, who wants me.”
She leant towards him and placed her lips on his as she kissed him and whispered, “You have nothing to be sorry for, Helmut, we will be lovers soon and things need to take time to build up. I’ll be ready for you, when you want to make love,” saying this she placed her hand on his cock and gave a gentle stoke to try and feel the width and length of the penis.
Helmut winked to her as he sat beside his young friend, noticing how soft her soft were and how different to his gnarled hands, working the nets made your hands calloused and hard, all seamen accepted this and thought nothing of the hardship as they rubbed the salt water on the calloused areas to harden the skin. Jannine rubbed the lotion which she brought on the toughened muscles of his body, occasionally seeing him wince a little when she met a new wound or an area which was tired with over use and no rest. Most of the cuts and bruises she had come across on the hands of the other men, or on Ian’s body; but he had one set of very fine lash mark which she had not seen before, “What are these?” she asked as she looked at the lashes on Helmut’s waist, “these fine cuts are raw and by the colour of them they appear recent ones.”
He turned to face Jannine, tears ran down his strong features as he bowed his head and cried into his hands, “The cuts are recent, I got them last week. They are a remembrance of the last sailing of the ‘Katerina Scholl,’ we were fishing the herring shoals and hauling in a huge load when the cable snapped. I got off lucky; I got slashed by the wires as they split, by my close friend Johan didn’t get off so lightly, the wires tangled around his body and we had to cut him loose or the net lines would have torn him apart.”
Jannine sensed his anguish and pulled him into her body to give him a little comfort, “What happened next?” she asked.
“The wires cut through Johan and he got dragged down with the weight of the nets; that was the last we saw of him. I can hear him screaming in my dreams.”

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