Sunday, 31 March 2013

The ghost on the point

Helmut glanced at the young lady who lay beside him and his eyes misted over and a tear fell onto his cheek; he thought Jannine hadn’t noticed as he quickly wiped the droplet away, “Who is she?” Jannine asked.
“Who is who?” Helmut replied.
“I saw you cry a tear for a lost loved one, Helmut, please let me into your heart and before you say it was water dripping, your hair is dry so you can’t use that as an excuse.”
“I had a passing thought, you remind me of my young sister. She left us a few years ago and we never heard of her again, the family keep hoping for a letter but as times passes and hopes die.”
Jannine cuddled into his taut muscular frame and gave him a soft kiss as she whispered, “I’m sorry, I had no idea and I feel bad for asking.”
He rolled onto his back and pulled her down with him, “Please don’t be upset, what I did wasn’t your fault; sometimes I get memories of her on the beach with the wind blowing her hair back and my sister splashing in the water’s edge and long for bye-gone days, when she left she broke my parent’s hearts, they hoped she would be a successful business lady; she had a great mind and the determination and drive to go places, but one day she walked out of our lives and never said a word.”
Jannine gazed into his sad eyes and saw the forlorn stare of a soul in torment creep across his brow as Helmut tormented himself with old images torn from a history which he had no contact with, “Perhaps, when you are ready we can try to make some of our own memories,” Jannine asked, hoping he may agree.
“That would be lovely; I will look forward to the days we spend together. For now I will put the kettle back on and we can have another cup of tea as you will need one to keep you warm when you go back.”
Helmut got up from the bed, his mind still lost in the loving embraces of Jannine’s tender touches; his body still ached as he walked to the stove by his window. He had got lost in his thoughts and didn’t hear Jannine come out to find out what he was looking at, “A penny for your thoughts,” she asked.
He turned with a start, “Excuse me.”
Jannine was a bit taken aback by his sudden turn, “I apologise for startling you; it’s an English term and means can you tell me what’s on your mind?”

He turned and pulled her into his tired and sweaty body as he said, “I was thinking of a world I left behind and the world I have yet to find here. And why is a pretty girl like you, wanting to be with an old sea-dog like me?”
Jannine winked at him and said in a low and sexy voice, “This girl wants to be with you because she wants a real man to hold her close, one who is able to arouse a lady’s passions and make her heart beat fast and right now my heart is pounding and my body aches for your touch, Helmut.”
He pulled her in close to him and ran his hands over the tight, wet jeans she was wearing, her bottom moved to meet his fingers as they eased across the seam under her panties and over her crotch, as his hands aroused her lips she lost control for a minute and pulled his head in and gave a full mouth to mouth kiss, her tongue exploring his mouth as his fingers aroused her inner feelings, “You are good with your hands,” she whispered as she fought to get her breath back.
“Being at sea, you learn how to use your hands. I wasn’t too forward was I?”
“Helmut, you are such a gentleman you could never be too forward, any lady who thinks you are too forward is missing a real treat; believe me.”
The winds of the sea were lashing the hut with a vengeance as the evening drew to a close, the gaps in the boarding were not successful at keeping the hard driven spray at bay as the puddles on the floor seeped towards the door, “I will have to see if I can find some boards in the morning, by the look of the weather we will be in for a rough time,” Helmut said as he held Jannine close and glanced out into the dark void of the sea winds, “It’s so windy out there are you sure you want to go back tonight?”
Jannine held her breath for a second and replied, “I would love to accept your offer but not now; it isn’t that people will talk about us, I’m not worried about them; I think we should get to know each other better first.”
Helmut hugged her and said, “You are wise for one so young, Jannine.”
Jannine held him closer and said, “Thanks for the compliment, Helmut. I don’t want us to rush this as I want our friendship to last and the best way for that is a slow progress, which we think suits us and no pressures to do anything we don’t think is right for the moment. I thank you for the tea and company but I must go now, Angie will be getting worried about me and the storm is rising.”
With a hug and a kiss they parted, the winds weren’t abating as Jannine struggled back against the rainy night; her hopes of forgetting about the agony of losing Ian were growing stronger.
Helmut watched her walk back for as long as he could, never sure if she would be safe on a night like this and wishing she had stayed with him; as he closed the door to his hut he took a last glance up to the point and what he saw took his breath away; he thought he caught sight of a man in sweater standing out on the point, “No, I must be seeing things because I’m overtired,” he muttered as he closed the door.

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