Thursday, 21 March 2013

Stories to count

Last week, my editor Julia in an attempt to show how much I had achieved in the last two years, asked me to count up my short stories. 

While 200 may appear to be a huge number and I fully understand your scepticism about my figures; please consider that from from July 2011 until October 2011 I was writing three or four 3,500 word stories a week. 
 The proposed Chronicles of Mark Johnson series has 25 stories now, Pat Canella has 13 stories, my on line serial The Word had 14 stories, my current WIP To Elfenmere has about 8 stories. This does not take into account the number of stand alone stories I have written for friends or the shorter series like Killer's Hill. 
  I have many which will probably never see the light of day and yet in all this number there was only one story which I totally discarded.

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