Monday, 25 March 2013

Romantic echoes

Jannine could feel his strong arms pulling her into the strong body of his and she realised she would have been ready for him but the friendship had to be done at his pace; this way the love would grow and be strong and he would realise he had been loved and not just lusted after.
Helmut gazed through the misty rain and dark shadows and asked, “What happened to Ian?”
Jannine didn’t take her eyes off the glass but the sadness was easy to hear in her voice when she replied, “Nobody knows, he went out one night and the next day we found the boat sailing; we found no signs of him or a struggle on the boat.”
“What was the weather like the night he set out?”
“That is the reason for the mystery. The night was still and it had been a beautifully calm day, not a sign of high wind or a storm. Ian had been a good swimmer since his late teens but his body never turned up along the shores and the boat came ashore intact, the whole thing put the village on edge for months.”
He pulled Jannine into his body, as he cuddled her he asked, “Were you close?”
Jannine turned to look at Helmut, his hair was damp and the water dripped off his hairy chest; as it did she heard the droplets splashing on the wooden floorboards, “We planned to get engaged the summer he vanished, Ian had been saving for our house and I helped with any spare money I earned from ‘The Pot.’ I know he wouldn’t have walked out on me without a reason; we used to talk about our situation and try to see a way through.”
For the first time in months Jannine realised how lonely she had become; she devoted her time to helping Angie run ‘The Pot’ since Ian’s disappearance and now this tall and handsome stranger opened her heart to a yearning which she had denied herself too long. Without thinking, she gave into her longing to be loved again and pulled Helmut into her young body; her firm breasts crushing on his strong body, the excitement of the moment took her all the way as her nipples grew taut and she could feel his hands tweaking them to arousal. Helmut didn’t resist, the thought of an attractive young lady in his arms made him want her too much too worry about how it would appear later. They stood by the window locked in their embrace for several minutes, Helmut’s hands gently caressing Jannine breasts through the material of her soaked shirt, despite the gnarled hands and the strong fingers needed to be a seaman, he had the touch of a butterfly landing on a leaf, Jannine was getting more aroused by the minute and Helmut realised he may be beginning to care for his young companion beyond mere friendship. The pair became locked together as the joint realisation of their needs grew; Jannine moved closer to him as his hands explored her bottom through her tight jeans which hugged her figure as she let him stroke her panties.
“Mmmmmm, that feels nice,” Janine murmured as she enjoyed the moment of passion which they shared.
“I’m glad you are enjoying my caresses; I didn’t want to go too quickly, too soon and make you uncomfortable with my reactions, Jannine,” Helmut said half-apologetically.
Jannine replied, “I had the same idea. I wanted to kiss you so much but realised we need to move at your pace.”
Helmut commented, “I hoped you wouldn’t think me too forward.”
“Not at all,” Jannine replied, “we can become good friends and take things slow for a while. Now, handsome give me a cuddle, this girl needs one before she braves the storm back to “The Pot.’
The cold wintery winds howled through the gaps in the shrunken boards and where the rain had been pushed through the floor a dangerous coating but Helmut and Jannine were locked in an embrace, all they cared about was being cuddled.  The couple cuddled and moved in a slow dance of romantic love as they sought the bed for a rest, as they waltzed through the door and fell on the bed, Jannine said, “Remember, we do this at your pace.”
Helmut raised his tired body and replied, “I realise that, for now all I wish for is a cuddle and a goodnight kiss before you leave me.”
Jannine rolled onto her side and pulling her hair out of the way kissed Helmut gently, her fingers running over his scars and taut muscles, she added, “You will have to let me rub some ointment on those cuts tomorrow.”

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