Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Me and the Sciences

 A week or two ago, I came across my school reports while looking for some motorcycle information (no link, other than they are in the same pile of documents). A few truths appeared and also I found out something I had never realised until then.

 Apparently my English teacher thought I was not very good, which was a shock to me as I had always thought he was the one who had seen how good I may have been; that turned out to be my college tutor.

 I thought I was held back in Science by my reluctance to ask questions, which was true but what I never realised was my Science teacher thought I was good at Physics and should have tried to study the Science; to me Physics always appeared a hard nut to crack, I have always thought I may have been good as a researcher though.

 I like the idea of being like Kolchak (the original series), I base my character Phil Moore in the Chronicles series on him.

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