Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Zombie warning

 My book Escalaphobia was intended to be my attempt at cheap trash, in an attempt to gain some readers for my greater works, but I couldn't do a cheapo zombie rubbish story.

Here is the zombie warning:-

I know it will be a struggle to get readers, when all the cards are stacked against me.
ZOMBIES are a genre that lives and thrives on rubbish stories churned out repetitively, face it folks. How many times can you read the same story, a town gets invaded by a plague of undead and it ends up a kill-fest. With the predictable ending.

 I have to fight against the masses of films that get churned out and video games, that all go to keeping this sub-genre of cheap trash alive, when it is well past its sell-by-date.

Against all these factors and against the odds, like any good redneck. I may lose the war, but I am sure as hell not going to roll over and die.

 My aim was to give some readers a good and entertaining read, not for them to plug their minds into a hair drier and feel insulted by having the same story thrust at them.

 The outcome I wish for writers everywhere may well not happen, our hardest battle is the first step. To get readers to realise that zombies are not the only books worth reading, to crack this illusion needs perseverance, dedication and sheer bloody mindedness. If you think YOU are capable of reading, leave these cheap books in the trash where they belong and buy a good book, there are many out there and we beg a chance to be read.

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