Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The Queens leave home

Queen Mary
Queen Elizabeth

My memory is almost infallible, this story will demonstrate this matter.

 October 31, 1967 - a young schoolboy had the experience of a lifetime. I was privileged to be in Southampton at the last sailing from the UK of two of the worlds first super liners; Queen Mary & Queen Elizabeth. This glorious sight stayed with me for my life, never had I seen such glorious ships. 

 Both ships had a glorious war record as troop carriers/ hospital ships, as they could out run any German surface vessel.

 During this time, there was another image which has been imprinted on my mind, this is of a large glass ball approximately four feet in diameter bounded by brass rings, standing in front of an office block. I wanted to know if it is still there, alas, as I can no longer travel; this is something I will never know. I have contacted the tourist information, but being such a long time ago, I doubt if there is any information or record of the ball.

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