Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Sexual Explosions

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 The new and extended "Sex at the Mill" will be the introduction to the new book "Sexual Explosions."



    The afternoon was warm and Alex had decided not to wear his jacket to the appointment at the hospital, “The walk there will make me sweaty enough,” he thought.
    The half hour walk to the hospital involved crossing a small wooded area, hearing the birds always cheered him up. For many years, he had been a bird-watcher and hearing them reminded him of his days in the Royal Air Force, when he used to give talks to Cubs and Ranger Scouts. He wished he could go back to those days, when he used to go out for long walks across the moors and fields, just to enjoy the peace and calmness it brought him. But, alas, since the tendon in his ankle had snapped, all he could manage was this short walk once a week, “No use crying over things. I had a good run for my money, the injury was over thirty-five years ago and I had been waiting for it to go,” he mumbled as he hobbled across the road.
    Walking through the hospital grounds was tiring as the physiotherapy department was on the side furthest from the main entrance; there was an entrance much close but it was not a lot less distance to walk, as you had to go down the hill and along the road about half a mile.
    As usual, Alex had allowed himself plenty of time to get there and this way at least he didn't have to climb back up a steep hill when he arrived at the department. The first time he turned up for his physiotherapy, Alex didn't take a lot of notice of the other patients, only one lady who took his eye.
    She was not outstandingly pretty but to him she had all he was looking for. Her hair was the colour of wet sand with a style like rippled leaves of gold. She had beautiful cheeks and a lovely body he wished he could cuddle. Her body held all the passions of a truly mature lady, who knew that age did not make her unattractive, just more desirable and ready to please.
    After checking in, he sat across the waiting room from her.
    She had noticed his actions as she moved her position slightly to avoid showing too much of her thigh. This was arousing in itself, as this showed she was enjoying the attentions of a total stranger.

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