Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Reasons for my actions

  Although I do not need to justify my actions to anybody, I will explain the reasons why I am turning down the possibility of a contract with Horny Devil Publishing.

 This may have been my only chance at a contract, I have a friend who has signed a 5 year deal with HDP, it would be great to get a chance like that but...


 The reasons are:-
 There is a mass of interest now on line for the book, with my blog on the other blog about the first page getting over 1,000 reads, and the one about the book coming out close behind on 750+, I realise this means nothing. But, there is a great chance of selling the series if I strike now, while interest is high, if I wait to see if HDP is interested, every day I wait that interest dies away and then I will have a devil's own job to restart it. Look at Chronicles, an award winning book that does nothing.

 I may be making a big mistake in not waiting for the chance to get published, but with such a strong following, I feel it unwise not to try and capitalise on the growing groundswell my blogs have cost. I realise a book can get a lot more money and quicker, but at the same time, I may publish the book and it may die a death, whereas the ebook has a chance to flourish now.

 After debating with my conscience, I came to the conclusions that this is not for me, I want to be recognised for writing good and intriguing stories not porn stories, that have a limited market.

 I am not a prude, I enjoy writing erotica as it very tastefully written and sexy, but what HDP want crosses the line for me. TBH, I don't think I could keep to my contract as the areas they are going in, are areas that I prefer to leave alone. Rather like one lady I chatted to years ago, she could only climax, if she tasted her blood in her mouth - YUK - a little rough sex is not too bad, but once you cross that line and know the person needs to taste blood, to satisfy their needs. Where do you stop?

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