Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Mark goes full term

  Yes, it is hard to think but eight months ago, Chronicles first saw the light of day. This was months before the award was given in October and things looked bright as I ended book 1. Eight months down the line and things have changed radically, while I never expected any story to do well. Neither did I expect the amount of apathy for our work. How would you like to work eight hours a day for $0.30c and then to get somebody to read the book, you have to give it away?

 Book 1 is dead to me now.
 Book 2 is????
 My editor, Julia thinks it is great, at least on that point we agree. I think it is one of my best collections to date, the dark and brooding Mark goes through hell as his soul gets taken over. I won't tell you too much, in case some kind soul buys a copy.

 Julia is adamant B2 will sell
 I am????

 She is confident that sales from this will bring sales for B1
 I am doubtful at best and more than likely a non-believer.

 I believe in her judgement and my value as a writer, what I do NOT believe in is the reading public and this is based on the last 16 months. While I was building a credible scenario of anxiety and worry for Mark to fight his demons, all you wanted was the usual BS of zombies and cheap sex.

Or does she?

 Yes, I know I promised I would NEVER sell out, but a writer needs to write and if CRAP is what you want to read, TRASH I will write for you. Erotica sells and I need something back for the countless hours I spent writing good works that get ignored.

 The new Lana may not arrive as hoped for, why should I write for an audience who won't read?
  I have plenty to read, even if the books taunt me.

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