Thursday, 14 February 2013

Driving forces


With  various things possibly going to happen in the next few months. I often think why do I do it?
Being a writer is as much a test of faith as it is of selling your work. I have plenty of faith in my books this year, mainly because I have a wonderful editor in Julia, who sees my worth and also I have three wonderful ladies who read what I read and have always enjoyed it, the four ladies have kept me going over the last six months. 

 If I have the faith in my work, where is the problem? you ask. The problem lies with the public and what they choose to read, I cannot fight the growing on rush of zombie books which plague the book stores as did the locust in Egypt. I did try to cop out and write a zombie story, to see if I could get some attention for my better works, but it wasn't for me. 

 I keep being told by friends that I am a good writer, which is something I have come to believe after a struggle with my demons. My friends faith in my work is the main driving force. I have never been under an illusion that I would I make money writing, all I wanted was to give readers a little pleasure and perhaps see a few dollars for my time and trouble. 

 Momentum Vs Ennui
 The great forward movement caused by having a great editor believe in my work and have a book receive an award, was soon to be quashed as the said book has since died a sad death. The public had no interest in Chronicles book 1, yet book 2 has gathered a mass of on line notice. I would like to think book 2 can cause a great interest which will help sell book 1, as people delve back to see what went on before. 

The role of book 2 in The series:-
 Book 2 is THE book that acts as the hub around which all the others circle. Without book 2 there is no point to the others as Mark's decline is shown in stark realism. The description of his mental decline has been praised by Julia. If this book fails, there is no point to the others as Mark's behavioural patterns are explained by Phil throughout the book. 

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