Thursday, 21 February 2013

Blogged out

 As the title said, I am blogged out for now.  I am not a person who fills every minute of the day with chit-chat about every minute detail of their personal life, and I can't brag about how well the books are doing :(

 For now, the news is Book 2 of Chronicles is going ahead and I am forced to withdrew book 1 from Amazon, well nobody misses it. Both will be available from me later on. Pat Canella is going to be further extended this week to bring the story to an end -  again, nobody will care - sales are non-existent, so why am I caring to do anything to please you?
 Sexual Explosions will probably be the next to show on Amazon, if Horny Devil show no interest.
 The big news is that "love of the Sea" will be seen on line, which will be my only showing during the week. It is a struggle to keep you entertained for free. I did have about 150-200 readers on each blog, but my stories must take precedence now.

 I work a 10-15 hour day, with little sleep and living on coffee and biscuits, I am worn out and have gone past the point of caring about the readers (if there are any).

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