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MIA - Sean Flynn & Dana Stone - Vietnam

I would like to tell you of a real disappearance. - Timeline- Cambodia April 6th, 1970.
society  The Case of Sean Flynn sean flynn
Sean Flynn on the left with Dana Stone, the day the went missing.
Sean Flynn on assignment for the Time magazine, along with his friend and fellow journalist Dana Stone on assignment with CBS were arrested at a roadblock in Highway one, this was the last time either was known to be alive.
While the Vietcong admitted taking them, reports from government sources say he was probably held for a year by the Khmer Rouge before being killed.
society  The Case of Sean Flynn
Tim Page in Vietnam.
Fellow journalist Tim Page has spent the last 40 years trying to find the remains of his late friends.
Sean was declared dead in absentia by his mother Lili Damita in 1984.
Sean was the son of Errol Flynn, born in 1941 he hardly knew his father. By all accounts the only thing they shared was their looks. When my book "Chronicles" comes out, you will see the dedication is for men & women like Sean, Dana, Tim Page, Philip Caputo & Mike Herr. Real reporting not the celeb scene stealing shallow people.

society  The Case of Sean Flynn
society  The Case of Sean Flynn
Michael Herr on the left with Sean Flynn.
Philip Caputo's memoirs of his time in Vietnam is a very good read.

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