Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The story behind the Amazon best seller

   Most people are familiar with the stories behind Pat Canella, Mark Johnson and The Old Church ghosts; if you are not they are easily followed on the blog.
   The story behind Holding Richmond is less well known. In June 2011 I entered a contest on a site called Knightwatch, the theme was to be an alternate history involving real people from history and vampires. As I have had a long time fascination with the American Civil War/ Indian Wars, the choice was easy to make.
   The interesting part was to choose a point where history could have turned, the fall of Richmond came to mind. It was a crucial victory for the Confederate side, opening the flank and mid-West theatre.
   From the night before this crucial battle I drew my story, what could have stopped the Confederate onslaught. After researching the battle on line, and with my limited knowledge from both previous researches and playing ACW war games in my late teens I knew something of the weapons and uniforms that were used. Plus I have lots of books here about the period.
   A crucial point for the Union in a stalemated position, what could turn the tide?
    Enter the vampires. If you are thinking Twilight, sexy and twinkling, think again. My vampires are closer to Nosfeatu, the classic German Dracula film of the 1920's. But, what about the causality of the event, what happened at Richmond?
    For that you will have to get the book.

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