Monday, 17 December 2012

The Lost world

   I read this book for a numbers of reasons varying from wanting to read a great classical tale of adventure to a study in the art of writing. 

   From the beginning, I will let you know that I am big fan of the 1960's film with Michael Rennie & Claude Rains, it was this which partially aroused my curiosity. When I saw the 2001 film with Bob Hoskins & Peter Falk, I noticed vast plot differences and wanted to know more about the original story. To the extent that I contacted the Conan Doyle society.

   The film was brilliant but after reading the book, I must say the later film is closer to the original story, yet not entirely all there. Both are worthy of getting to know in their own rights but other than basic characters and plot line, they bare little likenesses. 

    My next read is going to be something a lot lighter. It will be the new Titus adventure by my good friend Carol Wills. I am well known for my ghost stories on line, but I am a very big fan of Carol's and can always read about our friend Titus, the little blue tit.

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