Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Mordhiem to Marienberg

   The story behind this series goes back many years. To the days when I used to play war games and I could paint models well :(

    In the world of Games Workshop there are two main battle groupings, Warhammer deals with the knights of old and defending an empire and Warhammer 40K deals with the Imperial majesty of man regaining worlds lost to Chaos Lords.

   Both are great for modelling and playing, but both deal with huge numbers of men, either with cavalry ( Warhammer ) or massive robotic armies (W40K). While I am not decrying them and the thrill of massed troop attacks causing huge damage, there is another aspect to wars.

  The game Mordhiem deals with hired hands, mercenaries and witches in medieval towns. It is great if you prefer skirmish warfare to large scale battles. This game is long forgotten apart from a few addicts, mainly because of the biased way of massing points for your groups.

  Another big influence was the Xbox game Thief, similar to Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell, but using medieval weapons instead of guns. I used to spend hours sneaking around the shadows of the game :)
  For some reason these games appealed more to me. Maybe, I like the close up thrill of a knife kill and feeling the blood running down the blade - macabre thought - or maybe, I was cut out for a skirmisher.

WHAT DO YOU THINK?                                            

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