Friday, 16 November 2012

The Twilight Zone mystery

Many years ago, I remember seeing an episode of the Twilight Zone. I can vividly remember the story and have spent countless hours on line trying to track it down but...
There is no record of it, not any any Sci-Fi channel. The enigma is that if it doesn't exist how do I know the story so well.

I think it is The Twilight Zone because it was a short B&W TV episode of about 30 mins length.

A quick resume' of the story :-
An old man walks into a bar in a mid-west village. We have seen the type before-the sort of area were if two cars go there in a year it's a holiday to celebrate.
Going over to the barman and asks for a beer, looking around he sees that there is a lantern hanging on a post nearby, jokingly he says "What if I can turn the lantern around from here?"
Nobody believes him and the have a laugh until...
He points his finger and does a circular motion, the lantern turns in mid-air. Nobody is more surprised than the man himself.  With his new power he gradually gets more ambitious from doing little things like he progresses to saving lives. One day he decides that he wants the sun up all day, so he stops the earth rotating.

Pan the camera to space and we see that the Gods have given him this power to test humanity. As the Earth stops rotating people fly off into space. The Gods decline to give him the power- film returns to the start but no turning lantern.

If I didn't see it-how can I describe it so well?
I have even tried The Outer Limits sites to the same end-no record of it,
Maybe-I just thought I saw it.

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    It wasn't a Twilight zone episode but a short B&W film, the reason I thought it was Twilight zone was the length and type of format used.